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Options Behavioral Health is renowned as one of Indianapolis’ leading providers of cocaine addiction treatment. Our expert staff creates personalized treatment plans to cater to each individual’s specific needs.

Learn More About Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Learn more about cocaine addiction treatment at Options Behavioral Health System in Indianapolis, IN

Cocaine, or “coke” or “blow” as it’s known on the streets, is a powerful stimulant derived from the leaves of the coca plant from South America. Individuals who abuse cocaine report feeling increased energy, immediate euphoria, and increased talkativeness along with a host of physical damage to the cardiovascular system of the body. Cocaine is produced in two primary forms: white powder and crack rock. Powdered cocaine is snorted or dissolved in water, then injected into the bloodstream. Crack can be smoked using a glass “crack pipe” and absorbed through the lungs. The duration and intensity of the effects of cocaine abuse depends upon the method of abuse: smoking or injecting coke causes a quicker, but shorter-lasting high (5 to 10 minutes), while snorting cocaine causes a more subdued and longer lasting high (15 to 30 minutes).

To continue the high, many cocaine abusers use cocaine in a binge/crash pattern – taking the drug often over a short time at higher and higher doses before “crashing.” This pattern of coke abuse can lead to irritability, restlessness, anxiety, paranoia, psychosis, and hallucinations.

Cocaine is especially dangerous when drug users abuse cocaine with other substances. If cocaine is combined with another stimulant such as methamphetamines, it can lead to cardiovascular collapse, stroke, heart attack, or sudden death. If coke is combined with downers such as opioid narcotics, benzodiazepines, or alcohol, this combination can evoke complications such as respiratory arrest, coma, seizures, and death. Cocaine is a highly dangerous illegal drug and cocaine addiction can cause massive damage to an addict’s life. At Options Behavioral Health, we understand how serious a cocaine addiction is and are ready to help you seek the treatment you so desperately need in order to lead a happy, fulfilled, sober life.

Why Consider Treatment

Why consider treatment for cocaine addiction at Options Behavioral Health system in Indianapolis

You may have started experimenting with coke at parties because everyone else was doing it. Perhaps it was the allure and mystique of cocaine that drew you to a drug highly popular among celebrities. Now that you’ve become addicted to cocaine, you’re a slave to the drug. You spend all of your time preoccupied with the drug – obtaining more, getting high, and recovering from that high. You’ve stopped fulfilling your obligations at work and home, leading to job loss and struggling interpersonal relationships. You’ve tried to cut back, only to discover that you experience cravings and unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. You’re addicted to coke and you feel like there’s no way out.

Options Behavioral Health System understands the way that cocaine has taken over your life. We aim to help you get clean and learn the coping strategies needed to stay sober. We’ll work alongside you on your journey to sobriety, helping you find the focus you need, setting goals, and celebrating with you as you achieve these goals. Our caring and compassionate staff are ready to help you kick the blow, once and for all. Let Options help you help yourself.

Our Philosophy

Options Behavioral Health’s philosophy and treatment benefits

At Options Behavioral Health System, we know that the decision to seek treatment for cocaine abuse can be one of the hardest choices you’ll ever make. We assure you that your fears and anxieties are normal and that we’ll guide you through every step of the addiction rehab process. We aim to create a supportive, caring community – one of the most important parts of caring for you and your loved ones on your journey. When you’re at Options, you’re a part of the family and we believe that our communal atmosphere will help you learn the skills you need to recover. Our treatment team is highly focused upon making sure you’re getting the treatment you need and that the care is provided with dignity and respect, focusing upon treating the whole you – mind, body, and spirit. From the moment you enter our doors, you’ll know our addiction rehab is like no other.

Types of Treatment

Types of cocaine addiction treatment offered at Options Behavioral Health System in Indianapolis, IN

When you come to us, you’ll undergo a complete medical and psychiatric evaluation to help us obtain a picture of the whole you. Our medical examination will determine your body’s level of dependence upon the drug as well as any medical complications you may be experiencing. Our psychiatric examination will allow us to unearth any undiagnosed mental illnesses you may be struggling with in order to provide you with a tailored treatment plan designed just for you.

If it has been determined that you are physically dependent upon coke and require detox rehab before entering the inpatient addiction program, you will begin your journey to sobriety in our detox program. We understand that the concept of detox may be frightening, which is why we take the time to make certain that you are fully aware of each step we take and what to expect so that there are no surprises. In detox, we will safely and effectively remove any drugs or alcohol in your system while monitoring you 24 hours a day to ensure your safety. When you are medically stabilized, you will be released into our inpatient addiction program.

Medication may be used at the beginning of your stay with us to manage unpleasant withdrawal symptoms or symptoms of co-occurring disorders. Some individuals are able to taper down their medications as they learn more effective ways of coping with unpleasant emotions. Others may learn that medication may be a part of their treatment for co-occurring disorders such as depression or bipolar disorder. The usage of medication will be closely monitored by your treatment team.

Inpatient therapy allows you to delve deep into your problems to get to the root of your addiction to cocaine. Through one-on-one therapy, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss ways in which cocaine addiction has changed your life and how to go about fixing the problems the drug has created. You’ll also discuss relapse prevention, co-occurring disorders, and learn more about addiction.

Group therapy is an excellent way for people struggling with addiction to substances such as cocaine to work together through their challenges. We offer process-based groups that will allow you to work through your emotions surrounding your addiction and other topics. Psycho-educational groups will allow you to learn more about the disease of addiction, why some people relapse, and how to prevent relapses.

Family therapy is vital to individuals who struggle with addiction to drugs like coke, as addiction is considered a family disease. You will work with your loved ones to discuss ways in which addition has affected them, while you teach them about addiction, recovery, and begin to mend broken bonds. We’ll connect your loved ones with community resources such as Nar-Anon to allow for their continued healing.

Continuing Care

Continuing care and levels of treatment for cocaine addiction

As your time with us draws to a close, we’ll work very closely with you to create an aftercare plan that meets all of your continuing treatment needs.  If you’re planning to discharge to home, we’ll provide you with referrals to traditional outpatient therapy and community resources to allow for your continued success and sobriety. Another option is to participate in a longer-term rehab program, where you can build upon the foundation and success you have created with Options staff. Our discharge planners will do their best to help you find a program that will work with your insurance and locate the best program possible.

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