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Options Behavioral Health is renowned as one of Indianapolis’ leading providers of addiction treatment. Our expert staff creates personalized treatment plans to cater to each individual’s specific needs.

The Importance of Treatment

Why professional treatment for drug addiction is important to achieve lasting sobriety

People abuse substances for a variety of reasons. Some experiment with drugs because they’re curious about the effects, others abuse drugs because their friends are doing it, while still others try drugs in order to have a good time. Other people may abuse drugs or alcohol in order to alleviate unpleasant symptoms of mental illness such as depression or anxiety, while others try drugs because it’s the only way they know how to cope with overwhelming emotions or stressful life circumstances. Using drugs doesn’t always equate with the development of drug addiction – even if it’s something you do often. What matters is how the drug use affects your life. If drug use is causing negative consequences at home, in interpersonal relationships, at work, or at school, you may have developed a substance abuse problem.

It can be very difficult to pinpoint when drug abuse has crossed the line from “having a good time” to addiction and physical dependence. Very few individuals are able to see when their drug use has become an addiction. Slowly and over time, drug use can become more and more important in the life of a substance abuser until the individual is completely preoccupied by obtaining, using, and recovering from the effects of drug use.

Some individuals use drugs without ever suffering negative consequences such as physical or psychological dependence or addiction, while others find that they quickly become addicted to the psychoactive effects of the drugs. Common drugs of abuse include opioid narcotics such as Vicodin or hydrocodone, benzodiazepines such as Xanax or Ativan, stimulants such as cocaine or methamphetamines, and inhalants. Addiction is a complex disorder of the brain that is characterized by compulsive drug or alcohol use and with repeated use, all drugs of abuse have one similarity – chronic use changes the way in which the brain looks and functions.

While drug abuse and addiction can leave an individual feeling powerless and alone, Options Behavioral Health knows that with the right rehab, treatment, and support, you can change the disruption to your life caused by drug abuse and regain the control over your life you’ve been lacking. At Options, we’re ready to help you overcome your drug addiction and learn to live a happy, fulfilling life.

Why Choose Options

Why Choose Options Behavioral Health System in Indianapolis, IN for drug addiction rehabilitation

When you’re addicted to drugs, it can be hard to see the negative consequences the drug abuse has caused in your life. You may notice that friends and loved ones are pulling away from you, afraid to watch you as you sink deeper into addiction. You may experience problems with excessive absenteeism and poor performance at work or school. You may realize that your life has begun to revolve around drugs – buying, using, and recovering from their effects. You may realize that you’re alone, terrified, and powerless to your addiction.

At Options Behavioral Health, our warm and empathetic staff have helped many people just like you learn to stop using drugs once and for all. Through our addiction program, we’ve been able to teach other individuals ways to stay sober, develop healthy coping mechanisms, and learn ways to prevent relapse. Through a combination of therapies and medications, we’ve been able to successfully help those in need and guide them toward a life of sobriety. You can get through your addiction to drugs – let us show you how.

Our Philosophy

Options Behavioral Health’s addiction treatment philosophy

At Options Behavioral Health, our primary focus is you. We work tirelessly to get to know you – the real you – so that we are able to work together to develop and implement a plan of care for your stay with us that meets all of your needs – mind, body, and soul. We aim to provide warm, compassionate care to all of those who come to us for help and serve as a guiding light for our community. We are passionate about helping individuals regain control of their lives, understanding the roots of their addiction, and relearning strategies to allow them to emerge from our program armed with tools for a lasting recovery. At Options, we aim to do right by you.

Treatment Approaches

Addiction treatment approaches at Options Behavioral Health System in Indianapolis, IN

When you come to us, you’ll undergo a complete medical and psychological evaluation given by our team of supportive professionals. The results of the medical examination will allow us to gain an understanding as to how dependent your body has become upon drugs as well as determine the presence of other drugs in your system (polydrug abuse). In addition, this examination will allow us to discover if drug abuse has caused you any medical problems that need to be addressed during your stay with us. The psychological examination will allow us to gain a bigger picture into your struggles. We’ll be able to determine the presence of co-occurring mental illnesses, how psychologically dependent you are upon drugs, and the challenges you are currently facing in your life. This will allow us to create a plan of care for your stay with us that meets all of your needs.

If it is determined that you are physically dependent upon drugs, you will likely begin treatment in our detox program. We understand the fears of undergoing detox and we work to alleviate them by explaining everything we do before we do it so that there are no surprises. During detox, you’ll be safely and effectively detoxified from drugs and/or alcohol in a safe and supportive environment. When you are medically stabilized, you will join our inpatient addiction program.

Medication may be used at the beginning of your stay with us to relieve any unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal or other symptoms you may be struggling with. Often, as you learn more effective coping strategies, you’ll be able to taper down the medications you’re taking. Other individuals who are struggling with co-occurring mental illnesses may require longer-term medication management. The usage of medications will be determined by your treatment team.

Group therapy is one of the most important parts of your rehab with us as it is in groups that you are able to connect with other individuals who are sharing similar struggles. You’ll be able to work together through your challenges, process your feelings, and learn from their experiences as you begin your recovery. Options proudly offers both process-based and psychoeducational group therapy.

Addiction affects all those around you and as such, we strive to include your loved ones in your recovery from drug addiction. We’ll offer family sessions to help mend bonds broken or strained by addiction, teach your loved ones more about addiction, recovery, and sobriety, and offer your loved ones the opportunity to share their personal struggles with your addiction. We’ll also connect your loved ones with available community resources such as Nar-Anon to allow for their continued healing.

Continuing Care

Continuing care for addiction recovery

As your time with us draws to a close and you have developed the coping skills necessary to work on your recovery in a less-restrictive environment, you’ll work with your treatment team to develop an aftercare plan that meets all of your care needs.

What makes Options Behavioral Health the right choice?
Proven Treatment Methods

Experienced staff and clinical excellence have made Options Behavioral Health the most recognized mental health and psychiatric disorder treatment hospital in Indianapolis, and we look forward to providing our services for years to come.

24-Hour Care

Mental health disorders and issues don’t stop at 5 p.m., and neither should your treatment. Our expert clinical staff and caring support staff are here to provide you or your loved one with the highest quality of treatment 24/7/365.

Weekly Family Updates

Being “in the know” is extremely important and often ties to the longevity of success. That's why, at Options, communication and transparency are the backbone of our relationship with patients, loved ones, and professional referral sources.