Mental Health Disorders We Treat

At Options, we are aware that it is an unusual occurrence for someone to experience a single problem without related or accompanying difficulties. We are also aware of the importance of paying attention to developmental processes when working with different age groups at our center. It is clear that children and adolescents experience and display problems differently from adults, and often times even from each other. Similarly, the manner in which problems manifest in seniors can be very different compared to younger adults. When taking this into consideration, along with the potential for there to be more than one disorder involved, we understand the importance of conducting the most comprehensive evaluation possible at our hospital, which is carried out by our hospital’s specially trained staff who are experienced in the differences between both normal and problematic developmental processes. For all age groups treated at Options, we ensure that the conclusions and recommendations resulting from an evaluation at our center reflect the entire individual, which includes developmental level. When more than one disorder or condition is discovered at our center, variations in the manner in which interactions may affect the individual based on age-related factors must be taken into consideration for any treatment plan to ultimately be effective.  At Options, we are trained and prepared to address these additional complications, getting to know everyone who comes through our center’s doors personally, which provides us with the framework on which to base our interpretations.

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